Ventilating hood for a workshop bench

The customer’s need – a small extractor for use with metalworking tools.

Based on the conditions in the room, it was decided to build a small travelling crane with an extractor pipe attached to it, with a stand at the end supporting the extraction inlet.

A plexiglass wall in a steel structure

To reduce emissions of pollutants and noise without blocking the light, a milling machine was surrounded by a wall made of plexiglass.

A sliding door enables access to the interior without taking up the extra space that would be required for a hinged door.

Laboratory fume hood

When the customer has specific needs.

A Warsaw laboratory needed a large stainless steel hood that would fit within a defined space. A tailor-made stainless steel framework was made, with the hood supported on it.


A large digestor made to customer specifications.

In this case the outer walls were made of stainless steel sheet.