Products & services

We construct small architectural objects, laboratory devices and instruments to the customer’s order. We combine steel with glass and plastics. We prepare working designs based on the customer’s concept.

We provide consulting on materials and technical solutions, and help to solve design problems. We carry out the whole project ourselves, so that customers do not need to seek out contractors with different specialisations.

Some of our projects:

  • glass and steel shells and walls in loft and industrial styles;

  • laser-cut patterned panels, ideal for use in public spaces where an atmosphere of privacy is required, such as restaurants and hotels;

  • furniture – stools, shelves, shelf units, display cabinets, tables, benches;

  • functional items – coat stands, flowerpot stands, brackets, frames to support lighting and decorations, furniture accessories – handles, corner pieces, decorative strips;

  • small landscape architecture elements – pergolas, supporting structures for climbing plants, roofs and constructions for terraces and summerhouses;

  • decorations for events, holidays and special occasions, equipment for fairs, product displays;

  • we create 3D computer models of designs for the customer’s approval;

  • we cut steel, wood, glass, stone and ceramics using a water jet;

  • we cut plexiglass using a laser;

  • we bend plexiglass;

  • we bend and cut sheet metal;

  • we weld black steel and stainless steel using the TIG and MIG-MAG methods;

  • we weld and assemble constructions using a highest-quality welding bench, enabling objects to be shaped with a precision of +/– 1mm.